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Political Action Committee CW4BB Announces General Election Endorsements

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Citizens Working for a better Bridgeport

Bridgeport CT, October 3, 2013 – On October 3, 2013 the Political Action Committee, Citizens Working for a Better Bridgeport (CW4BB) made the following announcement regarding candidate endorsements for the upcoming in City Council and Board of Education general elections.

We are pleased to announce the Bridgeport general election endorsements by Citizens Working for a Better Bridgeport (CW4BB). They are:

Board of Education – Citywide:

  • Andre Baker – District 139 (D/WF)              
  • Howard Gardner – District 132 (D)             
  • Dave Hennessey – District 130 (D)
  • Joseph Larcheveque- District 130 (R)
  • Stephen Best – District 130 (R)

City Council – District 130:                                                            

  • Philip Blagys (R)                                         
  • Rick Torres (R)

City Council – District 131:

  • Rafael Mojica (I)

City Council – District 132:                       

  • Bob Halstead (D)                                       
  • Tricia Swain (D)

City Council – District 134:

  • Michele Lyons (D)

The above candidates satisfactorily completed the CW4BB questionnaire and were interviewed by representatives of the group. The endorsement reflects CW4BB’s belief that these individuals are qualified, not conflicted, and are committed to serve the best interests of taxpayers (both BOE and the Council) and our children (BOE). These candidates also support the key governance principles outlined by CW4BB.

CW4BB had previously endorsed candidates from District 137, Maria Valle and Aidee Nieves, who did, in fact, win the voting machine tally for their district in the primary, but were defeated by the challengers Lydia Martinez and Milta Feliciano via absentee ballots and a voting machine malfunction, respectively.  Numerous complaints, including one by CW4BB, have been filed regarding various irregularities in the District 137 primary election. If Valle and/or Nieves prevail in their appeal effort and are deemed to be the victors in the primary election, CW4BB will endorse them in the general election.

The list of endorsement choices includes candidates from all over the City, and is nonpartisan in nature. Other candidates were considered as well, but some of them did not meet the deadline date provided by CW4BB for completion of the required questionnaires and/or being subject to an interview.

Of particular note is the fact that CW4BB has chosen to endorse five candidates for BOE as there are five Board of Education seats that need to be filled in this election. We will leave it to individual voters to decide which three of the five endorsed candidates to vote for.

CW4BB will provide financial and other support to endorsed candidates consistent with applicable legal limits. We expect to hold a public forum for general election candidates in the very near future.

“We are thrilled with the choices that we have made for the general election. We feel that these candidates not only have the best interests of the taxpayers and children of Bridgeport at heart, but they are qualified candidates who represent the principles that CW4BB stands for as well as the non-partisan structure of our organization” by Gabrielle Parisi, Chair.

“CW4BB’s endorsements are based on the credentials and character of the individuals involved irrespective of their political affiliation. These endorsed candidates have the ability to make Bridgeport a better place for all of us. They deserve our support.” by Dave Walker, Treasurer.

Any questions regarding these endorsements should be directed to: Gabrielle Parisi, Chair at Parisi17@gmail.com or Dave Walker, Treasurer at dmwalker@vzw.blackberry.net.

CW4BB is actively seeking volunteers from all sections of Bridgeport to aid us in our efforts in this upcoming election and beyond.

About Citizens Working for a Better Bridgeport

CW4BB is dedicated to improving the city through constructive and non-partisan community activism. The coalition is especially concerned with The City of Bridgeport’s governance practices, financial condition, education system, economic development and public services.



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